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Dr. Rod Newton has professional training in chiropractic, guided imagery and mind healing, voice dialogue and shadow work. These have provided a rich background for his teaching, coaching and healing work. He enjoys empowering and teaching people how to live most effectively in the 21st century with the stresses, pollution and fast paced challenges we all face.

Dr. Rod is particularly good at bringing together a broad array of tools and strengthening the weakest links in his client’s ways of living. While his personal passion is inner work, mind healing and emotional healing, he believes that without taking good care of our bodies, the magnificent creating and healing power of our minds are compromised.

Dr. Rod also does couples coaching and teaches relationship skills with with his wife, Brooks, helping couples create rich, fulfilling relationships and deal with the inevitable power struggles that arise when they enter the transformational cauldron of intimate relationship.

Dr. Rod Newton


Dr. Rod is not taking new clients at this time

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