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Briana Gullo, Ayurvedic Health Coach


Briana Gullo is a trained Ayurvedic Health Coach with an extensive and diverse background in Social and Holistic Wellness. 

Following her passion of building connections with people and cultural exploration, Briana spent several years working in various countries. She guided backpacking trips in Guatemala, taught English in Argentina, collaborated to lead wellness retreats in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, worked with youth in Costa Rica, studied (and later taught) in India- where she was first Introduced to Ayurvedic Medicine. 

Briana earned a degree in Sociology and Wilderness Studies at the University of Montana- In combination with her Mediation Certification and training in Nonviolent Communication, Briana worked as a Residential Counselor, Case Manager and Program Coordinator for Restorative Youth Justice. In these roles Briana excelled as an ambassador towards self realization and personal accountability. She fine tuned her skills as a group facilitator, built a Victim outreach program, developed a “community circle” framework and supported others in the construction and actualization of meeting their personalized goals. Since working with marginalized youth and communities, Briana expanded her mentoring to include young adults, families and victims of crime- teaching and implementing techniques to resolve conflict, accept accountability and build emotional literacy.  

Briana's own journey of illness and healing led to her continued education at the California College of Ayurveda where she became fully captivated by the philosophy and science of Ayurvedic Medicine. Briana is a creative and passionate health coach with tremendous intuition. Her lifetime of study in emotional, physical and spiritual wellness equips her to be an extraordinary resource, meeting her clients where they are, and helping them achieve a life of balance, health and vitality.

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