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Ann Conners, LMT


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From the core belief that feeling good is good for you, Ann offers two distinct types of massage. 


Her Swedish massage incorporates a blend of traditional spa-style massage techniques, and she offers free aromatherapy as well as other optional spa services. Ann uses pure jojoba oil and several steaming hot towels in every session. She tries to treat the body as a whole by addressing areas frequently skipped in spa massages, such as the hips, belly, lower ribs, and sternum. This style is recommended for general stress reduction as well as pain relief. 


Ortho-bionomy consists of fully clothed dynamic healing sessions, blending pain-free deep-tissue techniques with knowledge, intuition, and curiosity. The session time includes communication and easy movement as well as hands on work. This type of bodywork is excellent for addressing old injuries and other areas of chronic pain or tension. 


Ann believes that everyone deserves to feel good inside their body, and that good wellness care is vital to a really effective self care practice. 


Book a session by visiting her website,, or by calling her directly at (541) 583-0835

Ann Conners, LMT #21896

Licensed Massage Therapist 

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