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  Skin/Body Care 


    Detox Footpath 


Raindrop Therapy 

Robbin D’elene  

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner



The amazing thing about Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique  is that it can help where all else has failed. It maintains healthy states of wellbeing and effectively addresses the root causes of illness and disease. Most health issues arise out of the stress of trauma, toxicity or negative thoughts. Given the correct input and support the body can and will heal. 


B.E.S.T. brings balance to the brain and nervous system, unlocking and re-evaluating patterns that can effect a person physically, emotionally, energetically or even spiritually causing needless pain and suffering.  B.E.S.T. supports you and your animal friends to heal naturally from the inside-out as the energy imbalances which lead to disease are  revealed and the interference blocking optimal health is resolved.


Visit for more information and of course, feel free to call me at 541-951-4011


on LEFT:  Robbin with B.E.S.T. founder, Dr.M.T.Morter Jr.


Robbin is a member service provider for the Quantum Bridges Health Alliance (a Private Membership Association)




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