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Infared Sauna

& Cold Plunge

This full-body application of dry heat causes toxic materials to be released by cells. Light rays penetrate into fat and muscle to create a powerful detoxifying influence on the deep tissues of the body. Far infrared can operate at a lower temperature than traditional saunas, inducing 2-3 times the amount of sweat.
Alternate the heat with the private cold plunge tub to stimulate your circulation.

$10 each or $80 for 10

Seasonal Cleanse Support!

At the Holistic Health Spa at Hidden Springs, our therapists and technicians are preparing for your Seasonal Cleanse! Give yourself the gift of a luxurious therapeutic service in our spa. Call our front desk today to schedule your services. (541) 488-8858

We can't wait to celebrate a cleaner, more vibrant you!

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