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Local Chef Jeff Hauptman and Naturopathic Doctor Bonnie Nedrow have collaborated on writing The Cleanse Companion Cookbook, designed especially for those looking for ways to “clean up” their diet.  With the amount of buzz in Ashland this spring about cleanses and detoxification programs, we think the timing of this release is ideal.

Cleanse Companion Cook Boook


  • Chef Jeff Hauptman is a professional chef, with 30 years of experience in the catering and restaurant industry. He specializes in teaching weight control and Diabetes management, and coaches individuals with dietary restrictions or food allergies. Dr. Bonnie Nedrow is a primary care naturopathic physician practicing preventative family medicine with a focus on women and children’s health care. She also is one of the founders of two wellness programs at Hidden Springs Wellness Center. Longer version of Dr. Nedrow’s and Chef Jeff Hauptman’s bios available, upon request.

    The book was written to support the Seasonal Detox Program at Hidden Springs Wellness Center. This very popular program takes place every Spring and Fall in Ashland. The class involves an anti-allergenic diet with elimination of inflammatory foods and animal products. All of the 66 scrumptious recipes, including main courses, side dishes, snacks and even sugar free desserts, are designed for the family looking for a cleaner diet, along with people suffering with chronic diseases.

    The instructive sections of the book are designed to help the reader understand the benefits of the diet, how the body utilizes nutrients during a cleanse, and tips on how to plan for and prepare a whole foods diet. The information is straight forward, concise and easily accessible to a beginner.

    It is also a fabulous book for people who are suffering from health devastating chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. For those who have started a weight loss program, the Cleanse Companion Cookbook is the perfect tool for losing weight and keeping it off, for life.

    For more information about the upcoming April Cleanse, interviews, book signings and cooking demos, please contact Dr. Nedrow and/or Chef Jeff.
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