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Jaye Marolla

Jaye Marolla, LMT 19198

Holistic Thai Bodywork


Jaye's training began in Thailand where she lived for 3 years studying with master practitioner Ajarn Pichest Boonthume. Learning an Eastern modality while immersed in the culture from which it originated allowed her to travel deeply into the cultural, medicinal, and historical roots of the practice.


She returned to the US to gain her massage license at the Ashland Institute of Massage's program, which has a strong emphasis on both clinical and reflective practice within a therapeutic context. For the past three years she has based her practice here in Ashland, taking a year off to continue study in London at the University of Westminster completing a Master's of Science in Complementary Medicine with a focus on the clinical application of bodywork and apprenticeship learning programs within alternative health fields. 


Her current focus is on providing therapeutic Thai Bodywork sessions which invite clients to be more aware of their postural and structural areas of tension, re-educating the body towards greater freedom and ease. Additionally Jaye teaches the art of Thai Bodywork through classes, workshops and an apprenticeship program. 


In addition to her therapeutic bodywork practice Jaye is a student of martial arts holding a 2nd degree black belt in Hakkoryu, a Japanese style of jujutsu. The martial path of self-defense and body/mind awareness serve as an elegant and ancient balance to the healing arts. Both Thai Bodywork and Hakkoryu jujutsu are depthful lineage traditions which cultivate a level of self-awareness and dedication to serving clients and the larger community.

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