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Mary Londos

Mary Londos brings 20+ years combined experience as a yoga teacher, healing bodyworker and instructor, personal facilitator, dancer and vocalist into her yoga classrooms.

Introduced to yoga as a teen, Mary began teaching yoga in 1996 after discovering how effectively it relieved the chronic pain conditions that required her to leave her formal dance training and seek alternative ways to nurture her love of movement and embodied connection. Certified in 1996 by The Yoga House of Austin, Mary’s initial yogic lineage descended from her teachers in the Satchitananda Integral Yoga tradition. In 1997 she met and studied with YogiRaj Ravi Dykema of Boulder, CO in the Gitananda lineage. These two complimentary styles rooted in the Eight Fold Path added to her early foundations of spiritual inquiry, meditation (TM, and later Vipassana), and work as a Reiki Master. With additional years as a certified Nia teacher, massage therapist, and Conscious Language™ facilitator, Mary brings a quiet and youthful wisdom, an ever-present joy of discovery, her deep caring, and an informed touch as she guides students in their practice.

Listen and be moved by what is already coded within your body, your heart, your core. Welcome.

My intention in our classes together is to invite you, invoke you and inspire you - to find or remember your yoga, your own wholeness. Natural peace, ease, vitality and delight are restored through a kind of body prayer that is simultaneously universal and unique to each of us. Through movement and stillness, observation and feeling, stretching, honoring, and receiving, we gently restore and actively awaken ourselves. Together we explore postures, movements, breath, and focused awareness to open ourselves to the flow of life. I offer gentle guidance and postural adjustments, while honoring your particular needs and innate body wisdom. All levels of experience and ability are welcome.

Please join me Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10:30-11:45 here at Hidden Springs.

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