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Komboona Skincare Products

Oona J. Meade, licensed esthetician, has danced with beauty and wellness for decades.

She took an early interest in alchemy, from making homemade masks of egg yolk and honey in her childhood home on Vashon Island to her time in New York City doing freelance/runway makeup, offering her clientele handcrafted anti~aging potions.


After migrating to Ashland at the call of the make-up department at Oregon Shakespeare Festival and during her time as an instructor at Imani Institute of Cosmetology, Oona began concentrating focus on her Komboona line.


Komboona features Brew Dr. Kombucha from the Townshend's tea line. She says her products are so pure... you could eat them!


Oona offers her exclusive line of pro-biotic skincare products at Hidden Springs Wellness Center, where she has a thriving esthetics business. Find more on her esthetics services here

Komboona Products

Komboona All Purpose Tonique                                  $ 35

Kombucha, Organic Aloe Juice, Lavendar Essential Oil 

4oz bottle  


Komboona All Purpose Serum                                      $ 30

Kombucha, Agar~Agar, Frankincense Essential Oil 

2oz bottle  


Komboona Nite~Time Brightening Serum            $ 30

Kombucha, Agar~Agar, Citric Acid, Frankincense Essential Oil 

2oz bottle 


Komboona All Purpose Face Wash                             $ 25

Decyl Glucoside (coconut derived surfactant), Kombucha, Jasmine Essential Oil 

8oz bottle


Komboona Anti~Aging Moisturizer                            $ 40

Agar~Agar, Kombucha, Avocado Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Argon Oil, Safflower Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Retinal Palmitate A, Frankincense Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil 

4oz pot 

“Oona’s facials with her product Komboona are incomparable.

It is so much more than a facial."

-Diana Trygg, Client

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