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Joanne Lescher




Joanne Lescher is trained and certified by Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent Communication. As a skilled presenter and trainer, parent educator, and group facilitator, Joanne has a strong desire to share her skills and assist couples in improving their ability to dialogue with each other.

Joanne is renowned for her warmth, empathy and humor and her ability to motivate and empower the couples who work with her. Her reputation has been affectionately summarized as having an “ ability to tame lions!”


Working with Joanne Can Help You:

·         Discover the healing power of empathy

·         Learn to stop blaming others

·         Express anger without hostility

·         Verbalize you intentions with clarity and compassion


Contact Joanne at her email address:


“Empathy:  a respectful understanding of another person’s experience” 

~ Marshall Rosenberg



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