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James Haim

James Haim is a builder and educator who recently received his certification as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant from the Institute of Building Biology. James’s own lifelong sensitivity to unhealthy indoor spaces and his passion for the sustainability of natural systems led him to this particular program where he acquired a thorough training in indoor environmental quality. James can diagnose the health of your existing home and office space by testing for molds, electrical pollution, flammable gasses, formaldehyde, CO2, and water contaminants. During his survey he can also educate you about cleaning products, water filtration options, furnishings, bedding materials, and your heating and cooling systems. If you are in the process of creating a new indoor space, James can direct you towards healthy materials for the use in your construction or remodel process.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that a typical home is up to ten times more polluted than the average city street. If you are committed to taking care of your body with lifestyle choices such as exercise, a healthy diet or meditation, but are living in a home that is toxically or electrically polluted, you may not be living as healthy a life as you could. By working with James you will be able to learn about your living environment, make changes to your home and office, and complete your personal health plan.

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