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Indoor Air Quality

Hidden Springs staff member James Haim is a builder and educator who has a particular passion and focus on indoor environmental quality.  If you're interested in learning more about IQ Air filters or purchasing one through James, please contact him.

"Over the past few years I have researched other air purifiers on the market.  In talking with health practitioners and seeing the research, I believe that the Swiss made IQAir products are the best on the market.  A few of the things that really stand out for me are  the new fan, the electronic filter life monitoring and the customer service.  Using shocks and insulated housing they have created a new fan that is 30% quieter.  The units are also programmed to let the user know when filters are ready for changing as well as being able to program the units to go on and off at certain times during the day.  In addition the units also have a remote so the user can control the unit from their bed or couch.  What I am also appreciative about is the incredible customer service.  There is always a friendly and sincere person wanting to help every time I have phoned.  Though I have never had a client have a problem with a unit, I have heard from others that IQAir completely stands by their product.

IQAir is a Swiss company that designs and manufactures indoor air purifiers.  These systems are the quietest on the market of their type, filter out the smallest particle size, are made from completely non off-gassing ABS plastic, are sold in a variety of styles and have won more consumer awards than any other comparable unit on the market. They make systems that filter out particulates as well as gasses and also make whole home systems that can be installed during construction or after a home is built."  James Haim

Recommended IQ Air Products:


HealthPro®: $829.00

  • Recommended for allergies and indoor air pollution including mold toxins
  • Up to 25% more air
  • 32% Quieter
  • UP to 38% longer filter life

HealthPro® Compact: $799.00

  • Smaller unit for smaller rooms
  • Features the same advanced micro and nano-particle filter as the HealthPro but in a smaller housing

GC® MultiGas: $1,199.00

  • Does exactly what the HealthPro units do plus it is recommended for multiple chemical sensitivity, odors and off-gassing from new construction

Perfect 16®: $2,695.00 - $3,195.00 

  • Filters all the air in our home to a Merv rating of 16
  • Includes Pre-Installation Evaluation
  • Installation
  • Post-Installation Testing and Certification
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