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Eva Ford

LMT 19290

Thrive Massage Therapy


My inspiration comes from the concept of Sankalpa, a Sanscrit word meaning Intention. After speaking with a new client, discussin physical history and current concerns, I set an intention, keeping in mind the goals and well-being of the person I’m about to treat.


My work is rooted in Swedish massage -either light or deep tissue-focused- and MyoFascial Release, which hydrates and lengthens the tissue around muscles and alters deep-set patterns.


Using Muscle Energy Techniques, I resource the client’s own strength, releasing tension and increasing range of motion. For specific work on chronic pain, strain, or movement patterns, I employ Neuromuscular Therapy, accessingthe length and attachment points of individual muscles. A bit of light CranioSacral work rounds out most sessions.


I find joy in combining these techniques into a cohesive and relaxing flow, and I’m always interested in the client’s history, intention and feedback. Each person has an intrinsic ability to heal themselves, and massage is a toolwhich can help you access your parasympathetic nervous system to find relaxation, increased circulation, and improved health.

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