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Hidden Springs has a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and herbal formulas. These products have all been thoroughly researched for both quality and purity and are produced by well respected companies.

Dr. Bonnie Nedrow manages the pharmacy and has used many of these products with great results over the last decade. In addition she continues to research new formulas to better serve the needs of Hidden Springs’ clients

We are committed to quality and to keeping our products affordable. While a standard retail mark up generally consists of doubling the whole sale price, Hidden Springs has a graduated mark-up with more expensive items being marked up at a smaller percentage. Keep in mind that while you may find cheaper products from other sources they may not be as good of quality or may be contaminated with impurities.


Hours of Operation

Monday and Thursday 9:00am – 12:00

Monday through Thursday 1:00-5:30pm


The easiest way to refill your dispensary order is to email or call ahead at 541.488.8858.  We will contact you as soon as your order ready.


Why Take Supplements?

There are two general reasons to take nutritional supplements: 1) As “food” to boost nutrition. In the current environment of lower nutritional content of foods and a higher need for nutrients to process toxins, whole foods supplements can help to fill in the gaps of a healthy diet.  2) As “medicine” when we are treating a specific deficiency or speeding up a specific pathway to heal a condition.


What Supplements Should I Take, and for How Long?

Take food based supplements most of the year for most days of the week but do take a break for a couple months in the summer when you are eating nutrient packed local organic produce.

These supplements include:


  • A whole food organic multi-vitamin

  • Essential fatty acids such as fish oil or algae oil

  • A pro-biotic.  Make sure to rotate the brand instead of staying on the same product year round

  • Vitamin D in the winter months

  •  Additional minerals (for many people)

When you are on a supplement to treat a specific condition, make sure you still need it as time goes by. Ask your health care provider what they think when appropriate. Alternately, take a “holiday” from supplements you have been on for more than a year to see if they helping you feel healthier.

Do I Need a Prescription to Buy Supplements at Hidden Springs?

We have two supplement cabinets. One is over the counter and is available for the general public. The other is prescription only.  You will need a prescription from a Hidden Springs provider or from another doctor.

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