Let’s Detox Together Cleanse Program

Imagine lifting the fog from your mind and lightening your step? Picture yourself waking refreshed and well rested, ready to get up and start the day. Every single day of the week. How about gaining a threefold increase in energy and vitality in just three weeks?

Come join us at Hidden Springs for our Seasonal Detoxification Program and start yourself towards those kinds of results.

Why Should You Cleanse?

Your health problems may be linked to toxins in your body. Even if you feel pretty good, reducing your toxic load will help you feel better.

We’ve found that up to 70% of all symptoms can be relieved by detoxifying your body. This can help prevent chronic illness and save thousands on health care.

Why Do We Think You Might Have Toxins?

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, the tissues of every human being on Earth have measurable amounts of several hundred toxic chemicals.  Random samples collected in 2005 of cord blood from new born babies showed over two hundred chemicals- at birth! Some of these toxins have been implicated in the development of cancer, autism asthma and many other diseases.

Where Do Toxins Come From?

There are over 83,000 chemicals being currently produced in the world. Many of these chemicals have been shown to cause harm in animals and humans and yet remain in circulation.

These chemicals can be found in everything from prescription drugs, to flame retardants, to the packaging of food and water.  Even if we don’t use or buy these products, the waste from their production, their use and their elimination still finds its way into our water, our air and our food chain. In today’s world there is no way to avoid a build up of toxins in our bodies.

What can I do about it?

We recommend you do three relatively simple things.

1.   Avoid toxic exposures.

2.   Develop daily detox habits.

3.   Participate in a seasonal cleansing program at least once a year.

Come join us for an introductory class to find out more. Contact us for more information. Go to our calendar for dates and reference our free document on how to develop daily detox habits. We hope we see you soon to assist with your detoxification, so you can regain the vigor and enjoyment of life that can be natural at almost any age!

Dr. Rod Newton and Dr. Bonnie Nedrow



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