Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

According to the United Nations Environmental Program, the tissue of every human being on Earth has traces of several hundred man-made chemicals. Some of us have already become very sick because of them. Others of us will in the future. Just how toxic are we? An EPA test found 20 different chemicals in the fat cells of people living throughout America. That was in 1982. The same test conducted in 2005 found an average of 200 chemicals—in new born babies! 76 were linked to cancer, 94 to brain toxins and 79 caused brain defects.

Bizarre as it may sound, every one of us has been enrolled—without our permission—in a grotesque global chemical experiment. Our program offers an alternative to sitting back and passively participating in the experiment. The first and most important action you can take is to reduce you exposure to toxins.

The most important place to reduce your toxic exposure is where you spend the most time, in your home. Use this check-list to identify what you are already doing to decrease toxic exposures at home and to plan new steps to further reduce your exposure.

Air Filtration


Staff member and Building Biology Environmental Consultant James Haim recommends air filtration products from Swiss company IQ Air.  By using the highest quality components, a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and women, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, IQ Air is able to build the finest air cleaning products in the world

Clothing for kids


As designers and manufacturers of a complete line of stylish children’s clothes made of 100% certified organic cotton dyed with chemical free natural dyes and sewn in a socially responsible environment, we're comitted to the integrity of our product for the health and wellbeing of our future generation. Revi Schlesinger and Nicolay Kreidler are the creative and productive minds behind Kids Organic. With their combination of experience and expertise they are growing Kids Organic organically to a bright and healthy future...



EWG's Skin Deep database gives you practical solutions to protect yourself and your family from everyday exposures to chemicals. We launched Skin Deep in 2004 to create online safety profiles for cosmetics and personal care products. Our aim is to fill in where industry and government leave off. Now in its eighth year, EWG's Skin Deep database provides you with easy-to-navigate safety ratings for a wide range of products and ingredients on the market. At about one million page views per month, EWG's Skin Deep is the world's largest personal care product safety guide.

Water Filtration


Over the past 12 years, Vitasalus has been providing life-changing, eco-friendly wellness products to tens of thousands of customers around the world. Their mission is to provide our many valued customers a convenient source for world-changing health and eco-friendly products which help them live healthier and longer lives while impacting our planet in a positive way. We at Vitasalus appreciate that we all truly want safe and healthy products for our families and loved ones, but are often too busy and unsure how and where to find these products. To that end, our R&D division is constantly seeking out new manufacturers of exceptional, innovative products to enhance and expand our many product lines.