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Dan believes strongly in a personalized, integrative approach to health consisting of one-on-one care, treating the whole patient to ensure full recovery and return to peak performance. His treatment approach integrates hands-on manual therapy, patient education, motion analysis, functional and mindful movement patterns, strength training and an extensive fully body recovery center to help patients and clients reach their desired goals. He places a strong emphasis on patient eduction of their diagnosis and the sources of the dysfunction and pain as well as the associated movement patterns and biomechanics.

Dan graduated in the top 1% of his class for both his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science at Tulane University in 2007 and Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Northwestern University in 2011. He works with and treats athletes of all ages and levels including professional NFL players, collegiate baseball, football and volleyball players, nationally ranked ultra-runners and MMA fighters to return them to peak performance. He also consults and speaks regionally and nationally on Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.

He currently provides Physical Therapy, strength training, and Return To Play rehabilitation for the athletes of Ashland High School and surrounding Oregon schools and communities in the Rogue Valley.


Dan also founded and is co-owner of Cascade Health Collective, LLC, an integrative multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals providing a seamless continuum of care for rehab and performance in the Rogue Valley. Nothing satisfies Dan more in his practice than empowering his patients with education on their diagnosis and watching their growth in self-awareness, performance, and confidence while providing them the appropriate treatment and tools to be independent in their healthy pursuits.

Dan is a also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC), Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist (CSNS) and is certified in Active Release Technique of the Upper Extremity, TRX training and is also pursuing his Manual Therapy Certification (COMT), Sports Therapy Certification (STC), and Sports Certified Specialist (SCS). He is a certified Move2Perform Practitioner and utilizes the SFMA and FMS extensively to assist in developing injury prevention programs for local high schools and Southern Oregon University athletes. He specializes in assessment, biomechanics and treatment of shoulder, elbow and hip pathology in baseball, volleyball and softball as well as ACL rehabilitation and knee injury prevention in soccer and football. His current areas of research include mobility limitations in hip and thoracic spine rotation and their implications on shoulder and elbow pathology in throwers, as well as kinesiophobia and associated behavioral traits hindering return to play following surgery.

Dr. Dan Loch, PT, DPT

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Phone 815-351-8246
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