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Compassionate Communication

Joanne Lescher

For more info:

Compassionate Communication is a process to help

couples create a powerful heart connection.

  • Do you feel heard and understood?
  • Is your relationship in crisis?
  • Do you long for more intimacy?
  • Are your needs being met?

“Speaking from the Heart” is a process for creating a strong heart-felt connection with your partner. It will help you turn judgments into understanding and enable you to express your needs in a non–threatening way.

Speaking from the heart requires practice, courage and commitment, but the deep emotional connection you create with your partner will enrich your lives for a lifetime!

Joanne loves working with couples: watching as individuals learn to listen deeply and with empathy to their partner; guiding couples to take responsibility for their feelings and needs without blaming and criticizing; creating a safe place to help people honestly express their truths; helping to clarify and achieve what they really want and need in their relationships.

Compassionate communication helps couples bring their relationship back to life ~ inviting joy, laughter, intimacy, awareness, and bringing a new depth to their lives together. It is an exciting process to assist couples and individuals as they move from hopelessness and “being stuck” to igniting feelings of excitement and reconnection.


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