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Vaccine Options

As naturopaths we empower families to become well informed by offering up-to-date scientifically based information on the pros and cons of vaccinating, and the timing of vaccination, to support community health and decrease harm to babies’ immune and neurological systems. Come find out about our recommendations and the health challenges unique to Ashland.


Fabulous Fat Flush

Our Fabulous Four Day Fat Flush is quick, relatively simple, and satisfying. It is designed to be repeated as desired throughout the year as often as once a month. We developed it specifically to remove chemicals stored in our fat. It turns out fat is a great storage bin for fat soluble compounds. The more fat soluble toxins we have, the more fat we need to store them in. In fact, we think the body is pretty smart to put toxic poisons in a relatively safe place where they will do the least harm.

28 Day Seasonal Cleanse

​Join Dr. Bonnie for their ever popular 28 day seasonal cleanse. Eat great tasting food, get weekly group support, learn more about where toxins come from and how to get them out. Find out why Ashlanders are calling this the easiest cleanse they have ever done. Remember, grads come free!

The 28 Day Seasonal Cleanse Class runs twice yearly, once in the spring and again in the fall. It is an interactive class, meeting for four consecutive evenings in a small group setting. The small group is designed to get your personal questions answered, help you modify the cleanse to meet your needs, and make sure you are prepared for the upcoming week.

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