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Clinical, Medical, Alchemical, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Neurolinuistic Programming (NLP)

Birthing and HypnoInfertility Therapist


HeartMath Biofeedback

Life Coaching

Mental Acuity and Presence Training

Meditation and Self~Hypnosis Instruction



Self Hypnosis, Meditation. 

Alaya M. Ketani CHT CFT CPC 





Acclaimed Hypnotherapist Alaya M. Ketani CHT CFT CPC is renowned for her life changing session work.  Clients come from all distances to experience her potent vision, skills, training and instruction.  The unique difference Alaya brings to her clients is the combined inspiration of extensive training, 30+ years of client experience and the insights formed through her own inspirational life journey triumphing over catastrophic circumstances more than once.  She understands challenge, and brings her clients to powerful success and healing.


Alaya is a Clinical, Medical, Transpersonal, and Alchemical Hypnotherapist.  This is an unusual and vast expertise that few practitioners offer.  She is also a Biofeedback~HeartMathSpecialist, Somatic Experiencing, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Professional Life Coach, Presence and Mental Acuity Trainer, and Meditation Instructor.  In addition she is a Senior Level Mediator.  Alaya offers an interweaving of these modalities creating highly refined sessions specifically and intuitively designed for each client.


The following is a partial list of the countless conditions Alaya has helped her clients to heal and achieve success:  Empowerment, Sleep, Stress, Weight, Trauma, Relationships, Fears, Performance, Focus, Panic, Energy, Wellbeing, Athletics, Birthing, Infertility, Pain, Transition, Smoking, Codependency, Pre- and Post-Surgery, Dental Support, Counterproductive Patterns, Medical Support, Clarity, Peace and WellBeing.  Alaya has advanced specialized certifications working with the conditions of cancer and fibromyalgia, stress, sleep apnea, pain, birthing, infertility, athletic performance, and more. 


Alaya offers private sessions and reduced fee groups.  She teaches Self~Hypnosis and Meditation.  Alaya also sees clients in hospitals, recovery and retreat centers, resorts, corporations, agencies, golf courses, athletic centers, and onsite in many organizations that are interested in informational talks and demonstration.


Contact Alaya if you'd like to arrange a free phone consultation and feel free to request an appointment online.


Alaya is also a registered Minister who performs nondenominatial weddings.  She offer no bias, nondiscrimination beautiful loving service in alignment with your wishes.


Alaya sees clients in three Oregon office locations:  In her office in Ashland’s beautiful Hidden Springs Wellness Center, in Grants Pass, and in Bandon.  Contact Alaya to schedule your free telephone consultation, initial intake meeting, or your wedding ceremony.   Learn  more about why working with Alaya is so powerful and how it can help you on her website, and by contacting Alaya:  541~292~2945.   Be sure and read her biography and the testimonials.

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