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28 Day Seasonal Cleanse

Spring 2016

2016 Spring Cleanse Class

with Dr. Bonnie Nedrow



Tuesdays, April 19, 26 & May 3, 10



6:30 - 8:30 pm



$165 plus books, herbs, & supplements




The 28 Day Seasonal Cleanse Class runs twice yearly, once in the spring and again in the fall. It is an interactive class, meeting for four consecutive evenings. You will be guided through the cleanse by Dr. Bonnie and will receive support in a small group setting. The small group is designed to get your personal questions answered, help you modify the cleanse to meet your needs, and make sure you are prepared for the upcoming week. 

The cleanse has four main components. The first is avoidance of toxins through a hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory vegan diet and a reduction of chemical exposure through personal care products, cleaning products, and other common daily exposures. The diet is very healthy and satisfying with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, and good fats. The second component is the use of herbs and supplements to assist the body in removal of toxins. Physical medicine is the third component and involves exercise, passive sweating and colon hydrotherapy. Finally we engage the healing power of your mind, the only resource which appears limitless in its ability to heal.

We understand that no two bodies are alike and want to help you customize your program so you experience the best cleanse for you. The program has supported hundreds of people through a successful cleanse. This is achieved through a balance of providing well organized guidelines, with the flexibility to make individualized alterations as needed. 

In addition to a providing a step-by-step plan for the 28 day cleanse, the class is packed with great information about all seven of our strategies for living well in a toxic world. You will learn simple modifications to avoid everyday toxins, receive an overview of heavy metal toxicity, and learn how gut bacteria imbalance contributes to your toxic burden.

Cost for the class is $165 for the four weeks, $35 for the workbook, $14.95 for the cookbook and about $200 for the herbs, protein powders, and supplements. In addition, we recommend making some time for physical modalities. For those of you opting for a spa option, Hidden Springs offers herbals steams, lymphatic massage, peat baths, wet sheet wraps, saunas with cold plunge, and colon hydrotherapy. For those of you searching for a comprehensive cleanse on a budget, we also provide detailed instructions to perform any of our spa therapies at home.

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